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great for first time drivers I have been with Adrian Flux since the day I passed my driving test and they have been very helpful with my car insurance as a new driver. Ive been wi... Read more Reviewed on: 23rd September 2022

Latest lowest rating: 1

Scammers The most scammy money grabbing **** wipes on the market. I bought a 125cc to practice on whilst i waited for my DAS, insured my bike with them for £35... Read more Reviewed on: 3rd January 2023
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Adrian Flux Insurance Broker reviews (115)


The most scammy money grabbing **** wipes on the market. I bought a 125cc to practice on whilst i waited for my DAS, insured my bike with them for £350 online, after speaking to them they then wanted a further £300 to which i just gave because i wanted the insurance. Not even 4 weeks later the bike i bought blew up. That's £900 down, so I cancelled the insurance which totalled around £700, the cheeky ***** gave me £180 back when i paid a year upfront, gave me some ******** jargon about admin ect. If you want to insure your bike or modified car do it else where, MCE are a good bike insurance company. I know about modified cars as well because my friend just did a quote for an E90 M3 with 10 years no claims, they wanted 3k+ even though they already had £600 out of him to insure the car whilst it was in storage, something which he arranged in November 2022, he has now cancelled it and got a disgusting £170 back. I intend on posting this review EVERYWHERE *** ****** ***** ******* ******** *** ****. Reviewed on: 3rd January 2023
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AVOID!!! I took a policy out on my vintage car policy was £275 monthly payments £33 monthly payments on several occasions was refused (premium credit who they got to take over the policy) they on several occasions tried taking the money early and late and given £25 charges each time it wasn't in when they chose to take. I asked for to be changed and offered to pay a month in advance and was refused. Fast forward after so far paying £258 insurance the insurance has been cancelled 5 months early and they now want another £150 extra for cancelling Reviewed on: 28th December 2022

Avoid at all costs

Avoid at all costs. 17 year old son took out first insurance. Adrian Flux cancelled the policy less then 2 months for a named driver apparently speeding, 60 on a dual carriage way that was unaware a 50. Perfect driving up to then. Black box app gave two different readings for this one apparent speeding drive on 2 consecutive days viewing the app. Cancelled without warning or discussion. Kept over 30% of the insurance money for less than 2 months insurance. Now my son has cancelled insurance on his record for life. Offered insurance again with Adrian Flux for over 600 pounds more than the original. Not all robbers wear masks. Complete scam. Reviewed on: 15th October 2022
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Total Scam

Customer service standards non existent after hours of trying to get through to them. There’s never not an issue with this company who make everything an issue while throwing hidden costs everywhere. Stay clear folks. Reviewed on: 23rd September 2022

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