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1,086 reviews

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Cash Plus deserve a Plus

One of the best bank I’ve ever used, wonderful service and helped me build my credit score

Reviewed on 24th April 2021
Nate's avatar

excellent customer service but needs more improvement

though i have had some few difficulties regarding using my card, i still admire and respect the security protection of the individuals banking with cash plus. bravo for your professionalism and the concern for the customers. big up cash plus.

Reviewed on 19th April 2021
Nico Owusu-sekyere Berkoh's avatar
Nico Owusu-sekyere Berkoh

Good banking experience

I feel very it's a very safe and secure banking experience who has the customer experience at the forefront.

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Nikki Baldwin's avatar
Nikki Baldwin



Reviewed on 17th April 2021
Svetoslav Vasilev's avatar
Svetoslav Vasilev

Great customer service and very good on updates

Very good experience so far, no concerns

Reviewed on 17th April 2021
Nicolette 's avatar

Easy to use

Great for credit building, easy to use app

Reviewed on 17th April 2021
Daniel Pepper's avatar
Daniel Pepper

Good bank always helpful

Good bank always helpful always try to help you no matter what the problem is

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Anthony Price's avatar
Anthony Price

Friendly staff.

I like cashplus bank because they deal with any concerns and/or complaints that I may have and make sure it is dealt with accordingly. The staff are very friendly, I would recommend CashPlus bank to my friends and family.

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Tricia Charles 's avatar
Tricia Charles


When things got a little difficult with my credit score. These nice guys were where I ended up, don't regret a thing and am incredibly thankful to them

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Phil's avatar

Flexible and reliable! Quick and easy access.

Quick, reliable and easy access anytime of the day with the online and mobile banking.

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Bridget K Rashidi's avatar
Bridget K Rashidi


Their customer service is excellent. Easy to use of the mobile app.

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
H D Elgin's avatar
H D Elgin

Just excellent in anything they do.

I was desparate for a bank account, cashplus changed my life..

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Leon's avatar

No 1

I’ve been with Cashplus for 5 years and here’s to another 30 years to come

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Mark Johnson's avatar
Mark Johnson

banking for the future

fantastic customer service,essential in todays world, tells you what you need to know, when you need to know it

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
roy gallery's avatar
roy gallery


Easy to... Read more

Easy to use
Whenever I have phoned the company, the Customer Service team have been polite and able to resolve my problem.
Even though my circle of friends is small, if I see any questions (FB etc) about Cashplus, I do promote Cashplus because I have confidence in the company.

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Suzanne's avatar


The aps great its quick its organised its safe and I have been able to reorganise my finances for the best.

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Mel's avatar

Excellent service

Excellent service and no complaints since I joined

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Tola alade's avatar
Tola alade

Come & join me

What you waiting for? This is the best thing since sliced bread . I joined this bank because it helped me improve my credit score and gave me a LIGHT at the end of the tunnel being DECLINED

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Crazylucian's avatar

So far, so good! As the man heard say, falling from a 10 story build. I'm sure you will do a lot better than him.

Overall Good, would love to have the personal touch of a manager, but that's me been old fashioned.

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
George Taylor's avatar
George Taylor

Efficient, friendly and ease of use .

I love my Cashplus Account which I use on a very regular basis . The app is easy to use , intuitive and communication with its users is open , friendly and transparent.

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Eoin Bhulla 's avatar
Eoin Bhulla