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Please avoid these ventures This company is a loot. It is now closing down with a tone they have coached millions on investment and savings but they are closing doors and have se... Read more Reviewed on: 28th July 2022
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Claro Money Investments reviews (1)

Please avoid these ventures

This company is a loot. It is now closing down with a tone they have coached millions on investment and savings but they are closing doors and have send an email to savers to pull out their investments even at a loss. They don't care if the investments can be transferred to another provider but they have scammed enough people and made enough. Time for another venture. They gave only three weeks to divest and wrap up. These are sharks make commissions from big players. You just don't see them charging. It's all an disguise. Reviewed on: 28th July 2022
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Reply from Claro Money Hi Auroop, If you have seen a claim about ‘coaching millions’ somewhere, please can you forward it to us, as we’re keen to amend it as soon as possible? We’re big on transparency at Claro and would never exaggerate our numbers. All of our reviews are from verified customers and we pride ourselves on the 1000+ hours of free coaching we have provided over the past year, which have received excellent feedback. Regarding the future of Claro, we can assure you we’re not going anywhere. We’re keen to continue our mission of empowering as many people as possible to make smarter financial decisions every day. Since we’re still a small team, we’ve recently made the decision to refocus our efforts where we feel they will best help us reach more customers to improve their financial literacy via their employers. Our dedication to addressing the advice gap still stands and we are excited for our future. Due to this change in focus, we have had to make some significant changes and part of this process requires the off-boarding of our retail customers. As we are registered with the FCA, we have complied with its timeline of giving 30 days’ notice to customers. As mentioned in our separate communication with you, we are unable to advise any customer on which provider we can do an in-specie transfer with, as it is up to the customer to choose where they want to move their money. Once you have made a choice on your new provider, we’re more than happy to process the transfer for you. We have not charged users for any platform or trading fees on money that has been invested with us, as it’s important to us that our customers could invest without unnecessary fees. We also do not get commission from any other companies for our business. If there’s anything else you’d like to chat about, drop us a message at [email protected]. Response date: 2nd August 2022
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