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Direct Line Complaints

At Smart Money People, we use the power of your reviews to help change financial services for the better. It can be extremely frustrating, and often expensive when things go wrong - whether it be car insurance, pet, life or home insurance from Direct...

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At Smart Money People, we use the power of your reviews to help change financial services for the better. It can be extremely frustrating, and often expensive when things go wrong - whether it be car insurance, pet, life or home insurance from Direct Line. When things don't go quite to plan, sometimes you have to escalate your dissatisfaction with a company. That's why we want to improve the way that companies deal with complaints from customers.

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Smart Money People was launched in 2014, and is dedicated to helping consumers get the inside track into the financial services industry. That’s why we’re now offering public complaints. With the help of your complaints we can help make the financial industry work better for everybody. Here’s how:

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We believe that your complaints can help other consumers get the inside track on what being a customer with Direct Line is really like. That’s why, by sharing your public complaint with us, you can start to help other consumers make better decisions today. You'll be helping us to drive real change by increasing trust and transparency in the financial services industry.

How do I make a Direct Line complaint?

We’ve got the simplest (and quickest) way to leave a public complaint. Once you’ve submitted your complaint, we’ll pass it to the complaints department at Direct Line. Your complaint will also be displayed publicly on Smart Money People, the UK's review and insight site for financial services, which will help others who might be having similar issues to yourself.

Direct Line currently has a score of 3.98 / 5 on Smart Money People.

Disagree with this rating? Your complaint will help to influence this rating, so let your voice be heard and share your experiences with everyone. It’s quick and easy to leave your Direct Line complaint below, and we’ll never pass on your details to anyone other than Direct Line.

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29th July 2020

Awful exsperince

Total waste of time they were not helpful at all when I needed help from them took ages to get back to me still waiting for response now I just need to no if I'm covered by my insurance company

14th June 2020

Horrendous treatment

I was a customer of Direct Line car insurance for almost 20...

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I was a customer of Direct Line car insurance for almost 20 years.
I never had any claim during this period and I was a good driver.
Last year a guy stopped to let me out of a side road and then he changed his mind and hit me. To cut a long story short we pulled over and then he accused me of pulling out of the junction without looking! He had no damage on his car and only a small scuff. I had no damage on my vehicle either. He called the Police and said I was threatening him???? It was obvious it was a set up and I got blamed for nothing. He subsequently put a claim against me. I told Direct Line what happened and also send photos of his car to prove there was no damage. To this day Direct Line never told me what he claimed for and I had to pay up and I lost my claims bonuses. Direct Line refused to fight for me and treated me like total dirt. I recently found out that they done the same thing to a friend of mine. This company is disgraceful and should be ashamed. Terrible customer service and acknowledgement of receiving emails. They want everything done over the phone and that's impossible when you need to send evidence. I left and joined Co-Op. They offered me cheaper insurance by £450 less and I was left choked by Direct Line for not even matching their quote. Sickening to the stomach. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! BECAUSE YOU END UP PAYING FOR IT.

Finally, I just received a letter asking for £11.35 for outstanding payment. I have no idea what this is for and find it disturbing that this company can chase a long term ex customer who's spent over £20k in premiums a measly amount of money.

1st May 2020

Dont believe what they tell you on TV!!!!

Dont believe what they tell you on...

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Dont believe what they tell you on TV!!!!
Dont believe what they tell you on TV! They will try every way not to pay out.
My boiler has broken down, which I ended up with a £1600 bill that Direct Line didnt want to pay, as the water was merky in the boiler! They blamed that on a split Pressure Vessel! So Ive gone back to Towergate Insurance! So pleased I didnt move the rest of my portfolio over to DL!!!

Stay well away!

1st April 2020

I was assaulted an my car stolen and no help and blamed by direct line


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Hi everyone
This Direct Line Car Insurance they are not serious My solicitor it’s taking them to court

I have been with direct line for more than a year and I have been their customer for several years

I was trying to sell my Audi TT last week
I advertised on a gumtree
Someone asked to view the car to buy the car
He asked to meet us at Chiswick where my friend lives

The strange buyer tested the car and starting talking about negotiations
Suddenly he pushed my friend to the ground and drove off
The police arrived and after some questions just gave the crime reference number

After that we called my direct line car insurance for help
The direct line asked us all the questions and the day after they blamed us for let the keys on the ignition and therefore CAN NOT PAY for any losses
I have told them that at any point or moment the car was not abandoned and was a planed assault
So what’s the point to sign for a full comprehensive insurance fire and theft??

So this direct line insurance people that they are crooks and not helping at all
I could get killed or stabbed??
You direct line I was telling you the truth and because of telling you the truth you are refusing to help me

So people be aware of this direct line car insurance they are not good they will blame you
In my all life I have never ever claimed for any theft or car accidents
No consideration for the customers after you pay every month for your insurance when you need help from them you will get false accusations and instead of the the victim they will call you the fraudster

Thank you Claims direct car insurance
This it’s the way you are treating me as a criminal

I have got my property insurance with this direct line I need also to cancel as I don’t trust them

I do not recommend any one to deal with this insurance


E Barreto

18th February 2020

Avoid if you value your sanity

Do not even try to get a quote from Direct Line Insurance if you value your...

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Do not even try to get a quote from Direct Line Insurance if you value your sanity.
Unfortunately, I realised the extent of dissatisfaction of their customers and potential customers when I read the comments of their customers. This was after I tried to get a quote from them and to my horror they declined to give me a quote! Then patronised me by saying that of course I can apply again when my circumstances change.
When I asked them what circumstances had to change, their unbelievable answer was that their decision is based on their underwriting criteria and I was not allowed to know the factor or factors that resulted in their decision!
In other words I can reapply when these factors personal to me which are secret to me change. No doubt any sane and reasonable person can see the ridiculous, unfair and stressful position forced on the unlucky people who try to get a quote from them.
Whilst I accept that they have a right to offer insurance (Or not) to whoever they prefer, it is their total disregard for the impact of their decision on their potential customers and their refusal to concede that people should be able to ask on what basis a decision has been made that may have potential impact on their future insurance application.

12th February 2020

they dont pay out


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Good afternoon

Following your previous conversation with Colin, the claim has now been returned to me

Attached is a copy of the confirmation of cover provided to your mother when the policy was taken out. You will see from this that there is no cover for outbuildings. I am sorry therefore but as the garage which has suffered damage is clearly an out building, I cannot make a payment in respect of this

With regard to the rear wall, I note from our conversation following my visit, that you feel that this had been weakened over a period of time by the fact that it was connected to the garage which had had a roof collapse (which had been removed at the time of my visit) although the section of the wall forming part of the garage is still intact. I would agree that the wall has deteriorated over a period of time and the remaining section is showing signs of wear and tear with roots growing through it

Unfortunately the policy does exclude gradual deterioration and whilst you did initially report the cause as being storm, there have been no recorded weather conditions of storms of significant strength to bring down a brick wall for some months prior to the incident.

For these reasons I am sorry but I am unable to consider a payment to your mother on this occasion. I realise that you will be disappointed by this decision but I do hope that the reasons for this have been made clear for you


Christine Lawson
Commercial Property Insurance Advisor
Bromley Scan Centre
Mail point 49
Floor 0 Phase 3
Westmoreland Road

Tel 07714 223601

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