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7 reviews

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Great product very reliable good customer service friendly staff

Reviewed on 21st January 2022
Babajide Elizabeth's avatar
Babajide Elizabeth

Pointless credit card company

I have had a Fluid Card for over two years. I’ve always paid on time and never abused the credit limit. But I still have the same limit of £400 and increasing it seems impossible. No point having it.

Reviewed on 15th February 2021
Dominic Ryan's avatar
Dominic Ryan

I'm happy with this

Good and fast and easy I'm so happy

Reviewed on 30th June 2017
Zsolt Kolompar's avatar
Zsolt Kolompar


Very good and quick and easy to fill the form and get a replie back

Reviewed on 29th June 2017
Sean peart's avatar
Sean peart

Very likely..

I can not login with e-mail address .. i do not know why .. now it was ok i changed the password i introduced the code and i do not allow it i do not know why

Reviewed on 3rd June 2017
Nicoleta Tabacaru's avatar
Nicoleta Tabacaru

Never had

I don't have this card, but one of my friend got this, he said it's very convenient n user friendly

Reviewed on 5th May 2017
Fahad's avatar

Good offers

all good for a credit card deal god rates and always able to send you quick cash on low interest rates always helpful UK call centre which is a bonus as the trend for filipino call centres is horrible

Reviewed on 6th April 2017
WAYNE Beesley's avatar
WAYNE Beesley