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Not an alternative bank

They charge you £3 to close your acc.£0.50 to withdraw money .Transferring money is £5. And then charges even for purchases from your card. After all this they claim they're saving people money. Ridiculous.

Reviewed on 11th March 2016
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Fail .

Their KYC process is bad . They will suspend your account if you get your salary in. Not a real bank as they advertise. No protection for your money. No direct debits. No standing orders. No faster payments..

Reviewed on 11th March 2016
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Hi Chris - thanks for your feedback! We only lock accounts in the most extreme of circumstances, and often only temporarily as a precaution. Features-wise, we've improved a lot since then! In terms of protecting your money - we actually guarantee the protection of 100% of our customers' funds. Monese is a registered Electronic Money Institution (EMI) which means that we cannot re-invest or 'play with' customers' money. Feel free to get in touch if you need any more info!

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