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Great Great customer service and excellent interest rates. Reviewed on: 9th March 2023
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About the Cash ISA

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Skipton Building Society Cash ISA reviews (7)


Great customer service and excellent interest rates. Reviewed on: 9th March 2023
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Best rate for flexible isa

Best rate available for flexible isa , automatically increase Reviewed on: 27th February 2023
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Maturing Online ISA Instruction Difficulties

After 5 year ISA maturing online account. Wanted to withdraw all funds including closing interest. Was very confusing online and tried for over 45 mins to get through to help desk. Left message for a call back and never received. Eventually through web chat I think I managed to get assistance. Obviously online account is not user friendly. A total waste of about 90 mins of my time Their current interest rates are currently uncompetitive but even if they were I wouldn't be using them again. A total waste of about 90 mins of my time Reviewed on: 6th October 2021
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Lifetime isa

An excellent product which sees the government reward you for saving by adding to your savings in line with the amount that you save up to a maximum of £4,000.00 per year for a set period of time within prescribed timescale. All money paid out when you reach age 60 years, ideal savings plan to benefit you at retirement. Reviewed on: 9th February 2020

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