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2,251 reviews

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For all

Good for work to pay all friday monau

Reviewed on 10th June 2021
Radostina Todorova's avatar
Radostina Todorova

Thery good bank

Thery nice services and good suport

Reviewed on 10th May 2021
Andrei racu's avatar
Andrei racu

Easy , fast and friendly

Needed a hassle free account. Suits me met all my requirements to a Tee. Easy to apply for and friendly staff.

Reviewed on 20th April 2021
Dawn Van-de-Ruyter's avatar
Dawn Van-de-Ruyter

Speed, accuracy, correctness

The banking system works perfectly. He fulfilled all his commitments in a very short time.

Reviewed on 19th April 2021
Krasimira Uzunova's avatar
Krasimira Uzunova

Brilliant service

Im happy with this suits me account and recommendation for my friends and family

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Jessica Adam's's avatar
Jessica Adam's

Just a amazing place thank you

Simplu the best banking app easy and safe with excellent customer service

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Rosanna Casorerio's avatar
Rosanna Casorerio

Great service

I would like to say since I have been with suite me I have a great service with them and would say to any one to become there customer you will have a great service for your money

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
Muhmmad fasal butt's avatar
Muhmmad fasal butt


It's very easy to use handy for me where they email me about my account

Reviewed on 14th April 2021
Paul's avatar

I can recommend suit me

Trust worthy and effective always

Reviewed on 13th April 2021
Adewale's avatar

Better than other banks

Very helpful staff would recommend

Reviewed on 12th April 2021
Rob's avatar

Foarte buna

Buna și recomand tuturor aceata banca e foarte buna

Reviewed on 10th April 2021
Florin Vasile Mardan's avatar
Florin Vasile Mardan

Thery good bank

Im very hapy whith this bank, and good serices

Reviewed on 8th April 2021
Anonymous's avatar

Very happy with the bank

They have the best customer service and are very friendly people

Reviewed on 6th April 2021
Phill Steven's avatar
Phill Steven


Este cea mai buna banca pe care am folosito

Reviewed on 6th April 2021
Alex's avatar

Well worth it.

If working with a job agency and need a quick account go SuitMe. It suit me.

Reviewed on 5th April 2021
Charlie's avatar

Forte bun

Forte excelent și bun recomandat pentru Tora lumea acesta banca

Reviewed on 3rd April 2021
Eugen Robert ferdelasi's avatar
Eugen Robert ferdelasi

I need a money please

I need money please .....!!!! Thenk you

Reviewed on 3rd April 2021
I.corban's avatar


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Reviewed on 3rd April 2021
Nela 's avatar



Reviewed on 3rd April 2021
Anonymous's avatar


So lm very hapy to us this aplication suits me

Reviewed on 3rd April 2021
Simona's avatar