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How do our reviews work?

Whilst other sites collect customer reviews across all industries and sectors, we're the only site that specialises in just financial services.

We don't reach out to a panel of people on a set date to ask them for feedback.

We collect reviews every day of every week of the year. Anyone over 18 can leave a review on our site whenever it suits them because we think our reviews should be current.

This means that when individuals or businesses leave a review with us, they aren't relying on a distant memory. The information they share is recent which means it will be more accurate and relevant to others.

It's also important that we maintain the quality of reviews on Smart Money People to protect both the people leaving, and reading, those reviews. That's why every review must be connected to a user account that has a real person linked to it.

Some of the financial services companies who work with us may also proactively ask their customers for feedback. We add this to the site alongside their other reviews. We're involved in the collection of this information to ensure it is genuine, fair and complies with our standards.

What types of information do we ask for?

All reviews must be associated with a specific product or service and meet our User Terms.

We ask individuals and businesses to give an overall rating for the product or service and also asked whether they would recommend it to family or friends.

We also ask a number of other questions relating to what a customer likes about the product / service and what could be done better. There's also questions about the service experience, to help get a full picture of the individual's or business's experience. This helps others to make better decisions and help financial services companies create better outcomes too.

No other review site asks such in-depth questions.

NET Promoter Score

We use the recommendations question to create a Net Promoter Score (NPS). This is a widely used market research metric. In short, it helps companies measure and improve customer loyalty.

You can find out more about how this is calculated see our blog.

We don't share Net Promoter Scores publicly, but each company can access its NPS by subscribing.

We also combine the NPS with a free-text review and analyse this to understand what positively and negatively impacts a company's NPS. This is also available to financial services companies who subscribe.