How do we make money?

For transparency, we believe it's important that our users (individuals, businesses, and financial services companies) understand how we make our money.

It's free, and will always be free, for individuals and businesses to read and leave reviews on the Smart Money People website.

We make money from different sources:

Customer insight

By providing customer insight services to companies whose products are reviewed on our site

Award programmes

By running our consumer awards programmes every year

Data & research

By publishing research reports

This means we can invest in improving our website and our business, making it even more useful for individuals, businesses and financial service companies.

Subscriptions for financial service companies

Any financial services company whose products are reviewed on our site can claim their page and see their reviews in full, as well as taking advantage of a number of other features, for free.

In addition, Smart Money People offer a range of paid subscription packages. By paying a subscription, these companies gain greater access to the full suite of review data. This means they can view insights and analysis on their own customer reviews, use tools to help them manage their reviews, and see comparative data for the sector(s) in which they operate.

Consumer awards programmes

We currently host three separate awards: the prestigious British Bank Awards, Consumer Credit Awards, and the Insurance Choice Awards where we celebrate the very best of the UK’s financial services sector.

We sell tickets to these events and we may also generate revenue through sponsorship. Following the awards, we also sell branded badges that the winners, highly-commended entrants, and finalists can use in their marketing activity.

Our awards are voted for by the customers of the companies who take part. Whether or not a financial services company chooses to attend our awards events, or purchase their badge has no bearing on the winners and whether or not they are included in our 'Best' product lists. Both the awards and 'Best' lists are entirely independent and based on the customer reviews we receive.

Research reports

Throughout the year, we also produce several independent pieces of research on a specific sector or product. This includes our well-established Mortgage Lender Benchmark.

These reports are available for financial service companies and other organisations to purchase on a one-off or regular basis.