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Ryan Direct Group Reviews

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Ryan Direct Group is a leading UK-based insurance broker. Have you taken out insurance with Ryan Direct Group? You can write a Ryan Direct Group review here to help other people find out how good the service Ryan Direct Group offers really is.

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16th May 2017

Poor Service Deliver

Terrible experience...

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Terrible experience
We put in a claim to Ryan Direct Insurance after storm Doris over 3 months ago and I have never seen a company that treat people with total contempt.

It started well when we got in touch and the helpdesk said, we have emergency policy and they will send a guy out. The person came out and assess the damage and got back to the insurance company and told us it was indeed a storm damage.

A week went by and nothing happened. When we called the guy he said he was waiting for the insurance company and mentioned “they are always like that” . Meaning they are slow when it comes to claims. We called again guess what we don’t have emergency policy .

We got in touch few weeks after as the rain was now doing more damage to our roof. They said we will send a surveyor out . A week later the surveyor came and also agreed it was storm damage and will send the report to the insurance.

Another deaf silence until I got really mad and they sent another company that will do the repairs out. Weeks later nothing again. During these processes not one called us to update us on what is going on. The rain carried on falling. When you call them all they say is the report has been sent to the underwriter and someone will call us. Guess what no one called for weeks.

When we got in touch again they sent another surveyor and another repair company. Still after few weeks silence, until it really got me really mad. I got my wife to call last week and they told her it was wear and tear and the claim declined after 3 months.

I have never dealt with such unprofessional company before that treats people with such contempt. I think I will be the last person they con. Prior to launching a legal suit I wanted to raise this first with the ombudsman. We have left the roof in the same state as it was 3 months ago. We got a letter stating after their investigation that although they admitted poor customer service however they will uphold the second surveyor report because it saves them money considering there is a contradiction between their surveyors. terrible company never again.