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Pet Insurance

check who the underwriters are!

always check underwriters details, if any have anything to do with these.....stay well clear. if they can find a way out of paying, they will!

Reviewed on 25th August 2016
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Emma J Walters
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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Reviewer

We were advised by our vet to cancel out insurance with E&L as they don't tend to pay out when you need them, we've set up a savings account instead after getting bad feedback from other previous E&L customers.

Reviewed on 25th July 2016
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Leanne Wilson
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Pet Insurance

Long time for payment

It has taken nearly 8weeks for payment of our claim to be processed. No wonder vets don't want to be paid directly. Have phoned numerous times ony to be told it's with our payment team. Will certainly be looking at a different provider next year

Reviewed on 24th November 2015
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Lynne Mc Keag
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