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Personal Loan

Spoke to seven different people, no resolution

I'm an IOM Bank current account customer and tried to open a savings account with them on... Read more

I'm an IOM Bank current account customer and tried to open a savings account with them on 21/3

Having completed the application and heard nothing for over a week, I got in touch to see if the account was open yef

First agent on IOM Bank webchat could not answer my query

I then tried IOM Twitter, but that agent could not answer my query either and asked me to call a specific number

I called the number given, and was good that the agent who answered also couldn't answer my query, but he would take my details and get a member from a different team to call me back

After IOM Bank failed to call me back as promised, I tried the webchat again

This time, the IOM Webchat agent told me that my account had been opened on 19/3 - two days *before* I applied to open it

They then gave me a different number to call, which I did

The IOM telephony team cut me off in the middle of confirming my details, and did not call me back

I sent a message on Twitter detailing the above and asking again if my application was received and processed, but have had no answer

At this stage, I'm going to count my blessings as an institution that is this inept at the basics of opening an account and answering queries isn't one to be trusted with people's money - not out of malice, but out of sheer, breathtakingly incompetence.

Reviewed on 30th March 2021
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Eerie Indiana LJ
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Personal Loan

Easy, effortless loan

Super quick and easy to Organise a loan for some housework. We were seen within three days of arranging a consultation and approved within a few days after that. Super easy!

Reviewed on 10th February 2019
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Ali Gill
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Personal Loan

Great Bank

Great Bank with good customer service & fairly easy to get hold of. Interest Rates aren't fantastic.

Reviewed on 8th November 2018
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Louise Jones
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Personal Loan


Never had any issues using IOM bank. Staff always very friendly and easy to deal with. Used them for banking and for mortgage, no problems!

Reviewed on 15th November 2017
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