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Just so easy to see your spending and transactions in one place!

A great one stop shop to see your spending in one place and split by categories to see where you've been frugal or naughty!

Reviewed on 12th February 2020
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Such an easy way to save without realising it

I love the fact that this App saves for you without you realising that you money is being squirreled away. I’m so excited to follow CHIP as it rolls out ChipX and new ways to save.

Reviewed on 4th November 2019
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Saving with Chip is just so effortless!

This is a great App as you end up saving without missing the money from you account at all. It just really is so easy! It has a great interface that is just so easy to use and dare I say it makes saving fun.

Reviewed on 12th December 2018
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