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A perfect card for my relative

Having just had to have Power of attorney for my cousin , I was at a loss as to how to control his worsening difficulties ,his bank manager suggested this card , which had no overdraft would be the best option , and it has proved to be a saving option for his peace of mind and his confused spending pattern while I deal with his current account and bills .Thank you so much Reviewed on: 7th November 2017

Help to Buy Isa

As with all youngsters , they dont think saving is for them yet, but in these times we felt my daughter should start a Help to Buy ISA, after persuasion and a very helpful understanding assistant the account was opened, she wasnt convinced , but deposited £100, second month went with me without too much fuss and month 3 reminded me that we need to go , so RESULT - may be some years til she can afford it ! Reviewed on: 1st March 2017

Avice re rewards account

My husband was very reticent to change to a rewards account, but the member of staff worked out the amount of income it would generate so that I could take it home and show him. The fact he could consider it without pressure , led to a favourable outcome - Well done NW Reviewed on: 3rd February 2017

No quibble

I twisted my ankle on board a cruise ship, got the paperwork from the doctor on board, came home phoned Aviva, didn't want to see anything, took my word for it and money in my account two days later Reviewed on: 13th October 2016