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Would rather do anything than serve you

For a company that promotes itself as being at the centre of the community, every time I go to any of their branches there are huge queues with only one or two tellers working but they always seem to have somebody available to walk up and down the queue asking you to use the self service machine or use online banking. I receive no benefits from my current account so I at least expect some human interaction. Reviewed on: 6th November 2017

Easy to use but lacking in perks

Since buying out my Alliance & Leicester credit card years ago I actually feel that MBNA have improved the service. They don't hassle me with junk mail and they have recently extended the payment period which is great news if you are away on holiday or forget. They only downside is that they have stopped offering cashback on their Visa credit card. I can still earn cashback on my Amex card but many places will not accept Amex. This means I have lost a lot of cashback this year and at only 0.5% cashback it was not favourable in comparison to other providers anyway. Reviewed on: 6th February 2017

Jeremy Kyle Show at RBS

We attended a mortgage interview with my local branch of RBS to work out how much we could borrow, get an idea of repayment costs etc. Having already had one with Santander we had a fair idea of what to expect - or so we thought. I should make it clear that the Assistant was very polite, warm, funny (maybe not intentionally) and tried to help as much as possible. Unfortunately for some reason they gave us an Assistant with only basic mortgage training who was not empowered to give us any actual figures. She could tell us how much we could borrow but could not even give us an estimate on repayment costs despite the fact I could look this info up for myself using my mobile during the interview. The fun part came with her giving us a complete run down on her personal life. I know WAY more than I ever needed to know about her ex-partner and her delightfully lazy son who plays computer games all day in his pants.... Entertaining - yes. Useful - no! Reviewed on: 31st August 2016

Good service but increasing prices

Our car was vandilised. Admiral were great in terms of authorising immediate repairs. Unfortunately the contractors they used were useless and it took over a week just to get a smashed window repaired - leaving us without transport for that time. Reviewed on: 3rd August 2016