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Swiftcover (AXA) AVOID

Online maintenance of a motor policy is what attracted me in the first place, initially with reasonable premiums too. You only really know the quality of an insurer when you make a claim or decide not to renew. My partner made a no-fault claim and this was a very protracted experience, the main problem being you’re not allocated a claims handler, so each communication is always from a different person who doesn’t know (or hasn’t bothered to read) the past history. It was settled in the end but not before my partner opted to take it to court. My own hiked premium this year encouraged me to look at the market. My Swiftcover (part of the AXA group) policy did not include Personal Accident, Legal Assistance, Courtesy Car, etc. but I found alternative cover which included all these for a much lower premium. My main issue occurred when I wanted to cancel at the renewal date (they do automatic renewals). Despite it being an online policy they don’t allow you to cancel online so you have the hassle of calling to discuss. I cancelled the policy and received a confirmation e-mail and took out the new policy elsewhere. At the renewal date I received a text from Swiftcover saying “Good news! You’re Swiftcovered again! Thank you for choosing us again”. I was straight on the case and they had indeed charged the whole premium to my credit card. I see this as pure theft and they refuse to make immediate repayment saying we have a 7-day refund policy!! Again, every communication is from a different person. AVOID AT ALL COSTS or you’ll regret it in the end. Reviewed on: 13th October 2016