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This week, we're highlighting a fast growing and evolving part of banking...mobile apps. In fact, 20% of all your current account reviews commented on mobile banking and focused on these three things: 1) Ease of logging in, 2) Ease of use, and 3) Functionality. 

Your Snapshot: Mobile banking

  • £1 billion of mobile and internet transactions are processed each day
  • Approximately 15,000 banking related apps are downloaded each day, in the UK alone
  • Many banks find their ability to innovate constrained by legacy (old) IT systems
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Why do we ask you if you felt 'fairly treated'? Well, one of the biggest focus areas in Financial Services is whether you, the customer, are being treated fairly, so we decided to ask you what you thought. Here's what you've told us so far:

Yes: 75% No: 6% Not Sure: 19%

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