Gathering reviews about your company is always a good idea. But you don’t want them to just be for internal use. When customers are praising you for your products and your service it’s only sensible to shout it from the rooftops.

But how, exactly, to share those good reviews so more people get to read them? Well, here are five suggestions that will help you to get the message out there.

1. Get on the leading review sites

As well as being one of the best ways of generating reviews, using a site like Smart Money People will put those reviews out there for all to see. And, if you’ve got your products and service right, lots of those reviews will likely be four and five star ones. Because they’re on a highly-respected site they’ll also be taken seriously by anyone looking for recommendations.

2. Put them on your website

Testimonials are a tried and trusted way to reassure would-be customers that they can rely on a business. So it’s well worth including some on your website, particularly on the product pages that the reviews are referring to. Make sure you refresh them frequently with new reviews. That way, repeat visitors to the site won’t keep seeing the same ones again and again. At Smart Money People, we offer website widgets to display our reviews free of charge.

3. Use social media

Social media are great carriers of new and up-to-date information. This makes places like LinkedIn and Facebook ideal for sharing new reviews as they come in. One angle to take would be “We’re so pleased to have just received this glowing review“. This creates the newsy angle that social media is all about – and it’s also very shareable.

4. Send out press releases

You could also try turning your reviews into an even bigger news story – one that news websites and even the traditional press might want to run with. You’ll have to wrap it up with a newsworthy theme or story – maybe you’ve just received your 5,000th review. The story could highlight that milestone review, and then go on to pull out other notable ones that you’ve received in the past. Alternatively, if there’s a new product that’s been getting all the good reviews, the story could be about the product itself and the huge impact it’s made with customers – as evidenced by the feedback.

5. Send out an email campaign

Last but not least, invest in an emailing list or two and send an email campaign out to people that includes some of the glowing reviews. Obviously, this is going to include links back to your website, and the theme could be something like “What’ll you be saying when you’ve enjoyed our brilliant service?”.

So there you have them. Five different ways to spread the word – and hopefully they’ll create even more great reviews from the customers you attract from the activity.