Naturally, everyone wants their content to sit at the top of Google and other search engines. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done! It can take a considerable amount of time (and cost) to achieve that all important high search ranking.

Customer reviews are an underestimated, yet incredibly powerful and convenient SEO tool. As well as providing a platform for customer opinions, reviews play an important role in enhancing search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. Here’s five ways customer reviews can improve your online presence.

1. Fresh and relevant content

Search engines thrive on fresh and relevant content. So given customer reviews are a continuous stream of new, unique content – search engines love them. Each review uses new words and phrases that adds to your website's content portfolio.

2. Value keywords

Customer reviews contain value keywords directly related to your products, services, and industry. As customers naturally use language reflective of their experiences, these reviews introduce a diverse range of relevant keywords. These phrases will be similar to the language potential customers might use when searching for products or services online, making your website more friendly to search engine algorithms.

3. User generated content authority

Search engines recognise the authority and authenticity of user-generated content. Customer reviews represent the voices of actual consumers, providing an authentic and unique perspective. Therefore, search algorithms acknowledge the authority and reliability of user-generated content.

4. Long-tail keywords

Customer reviews often incorporate long-tail keywords – specific, detailed phrases catering to more niche searches. These long-tail keywords, stemming directly from user experiences, align with specific queries potential customers might input into search engines. With search engines increasingly prioritising user intent, the inclusion of long-tail keywords in customer reviews has become even more useful for SEO.

5. Increased click through rates

Positive reviews can lead to increased click-through rates. When potential customers see glowing feedback from other customers, they’re more likely to click through to your website. (Our own research showed that 84% of consumers trust reviews from other consumers*.) Higher click through rates send positive signals to search engines, indicating that your content is relevant and engaging. This leads to improved SEO rankings.


Customer reviews are far more than words on a page. Amongst their many benefits, online reviews can significantly improve your online presence. From rich keywords to the authority of user-generated content, reviews are a powerful tool when it comes to navigating the tricky world of SEO.

*Smart Money People research, October 2022