Today we’ve launched Money Bites by Smart Money People, a new podcast that finds the funny in finance and tackles your big money questions. Each week the team will take a bite into all manner of personal finance topics, through a dissection of your reviews, interviews with industry leaders and lively debate on all things money.

Why Money Bites?

Last month over 96,000 of you came to Smart Money People to research financial firms and to share your reviews with us. You told us the good, the bad and the ugly, and while we’ve talked about the issues we’re seeing around black box insurance in the press, chimed in about the future of banking on our blog, and delved deeper into the state of mortgages through our research work, our aim is to do a lot more with this feedback.

Money Bites by Smart Money People aims to help answer your big money questions and to showcase your reviews. Money is a serious topic, that really matters, but it really doesn’t have to be drier than the Sahara desert!

So what’s coming up in our first episode?

Episode 1: Can you trust app based current accounts?

Our first episode features:

  • The first bout of Fighting Talk (03:42)
  • An interview with Norris Koppel, the Founder & CEO of fast-growing Monese (13:45)
  • Kathy’s ‘dictatorial dinosaur’ review (28:01)

We’ll also ask first direct if our money is safe in the cloud (00.01), while we’ve saved a rather weighty question for Starling Bank: Just how much does a Starling bird cost? (11.46)

Coming up next week

Next week we’ll ask a new question. Do we still need mortgage brokers? Over the coming weeks we’ll tackle a range of personal finance topics, from black box insurance, to robo advice and much, much more.

If you’ve got a big money question you’d like to see us tackle, we’d love to hear from you. Send across your suggestions to: [email protected]