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Employee Loans

Appalling company, completely unprofessional.

Awful company that I would not reccommend to... Read more

Awful company that I would not reccommend to anyone.

Their customer service is appalling.

They do not answer emails and you can never get through to anyone on the phone. I've spent 20 minutes each time on hold only to be told that they are too busy to take my call and I should email them.

I applied for a repayment holiday in October. I got no response. I emailed three times and got no reply. I submitted two formal complaints and received no reply. They then applied my repayment holiday but still took the loan repayment in October and November! My repayment schedule has been recalculated and interest added on the basis that I've had a three month holiday but I've still not had the money back from Neyber for October and November.

I received an apology email after 8 emails and 2 calls from me, they confirmed that the money would be repaid ASAP. 3 working weeks later and I still haven't had the refund, and I still can't get to speak to anyone!

Avoid this company at all costs. They are appalling.

Reviewed on 30th December 2020
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Paul Justin
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Employee Loans

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The best company they go above and beyond to help you fast friendly polite professional is there any more I can add great

Reviewed on 24th August 2017
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Employee Loans

Surely a scam

This was sold at work as a way for me to consoladate my loans and making my payments smaller but ive ended up with 2 loans and the more debt. i wish id thought more about it and warned of it by others.

Reviewed on 19th May 2017
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david squires
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