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Slow and Cumbersome

Pour communication, the online loan application says they will telephone or email for any further detail. They requested detail via post, which did not arrive even after 7 days. Email is more reliable than the postal service and also legally binding. After telephoning the bank they told me to send in further information confirming my address which later they informed me they did not require, but then asked for a bank statement. We live in the 21st century people don't receive hardcopy statements or utility bills anymore and getting them is costly. 7 days passed, so using the next loan provider on GoCompare they turned the loan around in 48 hours with no issues. This process has cost me the same amount in savings that IKANO offered against the next loan provider. I have no CCJs and an excellent credit history with a good income with no large outgoings, so why had this got be so painful for a reasonable sized loan?? IKANO should request via email or phone all decision making documents with in the first 24hours. Reviewed on: 28th April 2016
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Andrew Browning