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Latest highest rating: 5

Spot on Great work ,got me the car I wanted, Reviewed on: 3rd June 2019
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Latest lowest rating: 1

Would not go anywhere near them again! absolutely disgusted with this company. they have tried to miss sell the car (saying it had a cruise control and sat nav when it didn't) after paying ... Read more Reviewed on: 19th December 2018

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Accept Car Finance Broker reviews (12)

Spot on

Great work ,got me the car I wanted, Reviewed on: 3rd June 2019
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Very good

I worck the Hand car wash but is very good I like Reviewed on: 30th January 2019

Fantastic Service

Cannot thank Accept Car Finance enough they well and truly went the extra mile. Everything from the first phone call to delivery of my new BMW 1 Series was perfect, I was kept informed at every stage and the car was delivered on time in perfect condition. Will be coming back when I want to upgrade and have recommended to all my friends and family. Thanks again Reviewed on: 4th January 2019

Very good

One of the best car finace! One of the best attention from costumer service Reviewed on: 4th January 2019

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