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Latest highest rating: 5

Very good Very good and all ways there too help Reviewed on: 15th June 2022

Latest lowest rating: 2

Quite an expensive experience Avant Credit's costs definitely are not cheap - if you consider borrowing from them you have to be really desperate. Reviewed on: 10th June 2017
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Pawel Janik

About the Personal Loan

Considering taking out an Avant Credit personal loan? Read on to see what the Smart Money People is saying, to help you decide if this is the right loan for you. Our Avant Credit loan reviews give you a better idea about what life is like as a customer of this company. Already had a loan from Avant Credit? Share a review of your own and help others!

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AvantCredit Personal Loan reviews (14)

Very good

Very good and all ways there too help Reviewed on: 15th June 2022

Verry quick and efficent service

I was very impressed with Avant credit, took no longer than 5 minutes to apply and the cash was deposited in my account in just over 24 hours. Reviewed on: 27th June 2018
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Perfect apart from interest rate

I have had a very positive experience with his company, very professional and you can manage your loan through the website. Only downside is the interest rate leaped significantly when approved compared to the one I was originally offered. Reviewed on: 2nd June 2018
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Avant are very helpful and efficient, always happy to explain everything, great service Reviewed on: 20th November 2017

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