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Very Helpful Very friendly helpfull service we come again Reviewed on: 2nd July 2020

Latest lowest rating: 1

No renewal notice Just a quick word regarding Club Care Insurance. I didn't receive a renewal quote, bearing in mind that it is due in 5 days, when I called I was infor... Read more Reviewed on: 26th November 2020

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Club Care Caravan Insurance Caravan Insurance reviews (6)

No renewal notice

Just a quick word regarding Club Care Insurance. I didn't receive a renewal quote, bearing in mind that it is due in 5 days, when I called I was informed that they didn't work anymore with the company that they put me with last year. They said that the best price was £3000, £2565 more than last year and £2660 more than Caravanguard this year. They didn't even have the decency to contact me to inform me, would the first thing I know be a £250 instalment withdrawal from my account. Be warned, don't just let your insurance roll over, get a check quote. The quote was for exactly the same vehicle, same security, parked in the same place, doing the same mileage! I would put it in the Club Mag, but it wouldn't get published, the Club obviously must be making a mint out of this scam, and it needs looking into! Reviewed on: 26th November 2020

Very Helpful

Very friendly helpfull service we come again Reviewed on: 2nd July 2020

Piece of mind

Fortunate not to have made a claim but believe should the worst happen the club insurance will be there to help lessen the blow, I have read many times over the years of members having trouble free claims and hope I would receive the same level of help and satisfaction. Reviewed on: 10th September 2019
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L Jemison

Club Care Less Insurance

We have been with this caravan insurance company for about 5 years. In 2016 we had our Ace award caravan stolen from our home address and they handled the claim fairly and in reasonable time. We had to buy another caravan and found a Hobby 645 VIP which we liked. We had heard of difficulties insuring Hobby so specifically asked ClubCare if they would insure a Hobby and were fully assured they would provided we put a tracker in they recommended. We fitted the tracker as instructed and in addition to their request we extended our front garden fencing to surround the caravan. We had metal bollards set in the ground preventing the caravan coming out onto the drive. We always parked cars in front of the gate, fitted wheel clamps, hitch lock, PIR lighting and cameras. A year and half later travellers took down metal fencing, hedges, a tree stump and then our new 6' fencing and dragged the caravan back through a park next to us. The unit was recovered with the tracker next to a travellers site in Leicester and had suffered a lot of damaged. This was all handled by Clubcare and some months later we received the caravan back. We were then asked not to store the caravan at our home but instead to store it in a CASOA Gold rated 5 star storage facility. Again we did as instructed at a cost of £450 a year. 3 months later the caravan was stolen from secure facility and with the tracker was found on a Travelers site in Guildford. Again more damage incurred. My wife was seriously ill during this time and the last thing we needed was all this stress. In the short time the thieves had the caravan they had taken every last thing out of it as well as damaging it. We did ask that Clubcare take the caravan and sell and provide us with a new as we had a replace with new policy, but they refused. We were worried about the integrity of the caravan, but they were not interested. We had a lot of sympathy from ClubCare staff as we dealt with the claims and expressions of concern as we had suffered losses along the way. I checked with them that the insurance would all be OK when due for renewal and was assured there would be no problems - this was about 2 months before renewal. About 10 days before renewal and the bombshell came with a phone call. ClubCare were no longer prepared to insure us. We bought a Hobby on their assurances, we fitted a tracker as instructed and paid for the storage again as they instructed and did more than they ever asked of us and then they dropped us with no explanation at all. No warning, no reasoning and without a care in the world as to how this would affect us. We were victims from the continued thefts and then became victims of an uncaring insurance company that appear to have no morals or cares at all apart from maximising their profits at any expense. To add insult to injury - having spoken to ClubCare representatives a few days later we received a full insurance proposal through the post and thought they had re-thought their position. We contacted them and accepted their proposal paying in full for the year. Having had the policy in place for about 3 weeks they then decided to withdraw full cover and have left us uninsured and at this moment in time nearly £500 out of pocket. As for the financial Ombudsman, they seem to be as useful as a chocolate tea cup. All in all these insurance companies appear to be a law unto themselves and to be honest the industry needs a good slapping. As for Club Care Less - very disappointing. Reviewed on: 15th June 2019

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