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Based on 4 reviews, last reviewed 15th Jul 2020
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Top People, Top Product Good prices, always very helpful. Reviewed on: 15th July 2020
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About the Car Insurance

CSIS car insurance reviews on Smart Money People come from drivers like you! You can read these honest CSIS car insurnance reviews to help you decide which car insurance provider is right for you...and your car! For example, read through our review to find out how good the claims process. And remember, if you've used CSIS before, you too can write a short CSIS car insurance review here to help other drivers. Smart Money People is the UK's leading financial services review site. Together, we can help us to increase trust and transparency in financial services.

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CSIS Insurance Car Insurance reviews (4)

Top People, Top Product

Good prices, always very helpful. Reviewed on: 15th July 2020
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Great service

Always very happy to help, staff excellent and willing to go the extra mile, competitive prices too :) Reviewed on: 11th July 2019
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Comfortable car insurance

You can only really tell if your insurance is any good if you have to use it, or something changes. Thankfully no need to use it but I changed my car this year and they didn't use it as an opportunity to fleece me for more cash so I'm pleased with that! Reviewed on: 22nd July 2018
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Excellent customer service

I was recommended CSIS (Civil Service Insurance Society) for insurance by a work colleague. I took out car insurance with them and whenever I have had cause to contact them, they have always been extremely polite and efficient. Changing address details with them was straightforward and did not attract any charges. I have found their premiums to be competitively priced and comprehensive. Thankfully I have not had to make a claim but based on previous contact with them but I am confident it would be dealt with very well. I would highly recommend CSIS to anyone who is eligible to use their services. Reviewed on: 10th August 2015
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