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Comfortable Quick and comfortable ,help every time when you need, thanks Reviewed on: 19th July 2019
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Diana Jay

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Dog shit You don’t approve someone who earns 80k a year Reviewed on: 21st June 2019
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Ferratum Payday Loan reviews (1474)


Quick and comfortable ,help every time when you need, thanks Reviewed on: 19th July 2019
Diana Jay's avatar
Diana Jay

Fast and speedy

Quick, no hassle and all online. The money was in my account within an hour Reviewed on: 13th July 2019
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Paul Brown

Money 24/7

Get money 24/7..very good intrest rate . .good service..24 hours a day..very handy.. Reviewed on: 6th July 2019
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Allan Barclay

Great service

Ferratum have been great, always gave me a fair credit Amount and are very convenient for quick short term loans and have very fair interest rates. :) Reviewed on: 3rd July 2019
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