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Car insurance excess: a quick guide

Voluntary, compulsory, credit hire - there's plenty of jargon around car insurance excess. Here's what you really need to know.

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Does your bank's behaviour matter?

How many of us would switch if our bank was found to have failings in areas such as diversity, sexual harassment and discrimination? We ran a survey to find out.

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Comprehensive car insurance: what is it, and do you need it?

We delve into comprehensive car insurance: what it is, what it covers, and who offers it.

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How to get a business loan: a 6-step guide

To get a business loan, you need a good credit score, a clear plan, and a strong knowledge of the products on the market.

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Cancelling your car insurance early: how much does it cost?

It is possible to cancel your car insurance early, but you'll usually have to pay a fee. The fee is affected by who you're with, how long you've been with them, and what kind of policy you have.

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Open banking will make people happier: an article by Bud

Dev Kohli explains how the true power of open banking lies in its ability not just to connect us, but to solve emotional and psychological puzzles faced by banking customers every day.

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