Smart Money People has recently partnered on an in-depth study into the Mortgage Market with DPR Group - the UK’s market-leading and fastest-growing provider of technology to the retail, lending and commercial banking sectors.

The findings from DPR Group Mortgage Insights 20/21 provides a comprehensive and unique overview of the UK’s mortgage market from the perspective of lenders, mortgage intermediaries and consumers. From on-boarding new intermediaries to sourcing customers, the complexities of end-to-end mortgage application process and the on-going management and retention of customers, the study provides an in-depth perspective on the challenges faced in the market and the role of technology in addressing these challenges and improving the operational efficiency and conversion metrics of lenders and brokers alike. Additionally, the study provides insight into the future shape of the mortgage market and how technology will shape and influence this.

Jacqueline Dewey, CEO of Smart Money People commented: “We are delighted to partner with the DPR Group on this series of research. The findings have shown that among consumers and mortgage intermediaries there is high demand to use technology more to improve the processes around mortgages. It’s fantastic to work with the DPR Group who are at the forefront of championing these changes to mortgage technology.”