There are a lot of different types of credit cards out there. I’ve signed-up to multiple credit cards on the basis of special introductory point bonuses and the benefits that they offer. I have to admit that for me, the interest rate has never been a significant, as luckily I tend to pay them off on time.

I now have four credit cards, and you can see what customers like you are saying by clicking the below links to read their reviews:

1) British Airways American Express Credit Card

2) Platinum American Express Credit Card

My first credit card (ah the memories)...and at the time it offered 1% cash back on all purchases

3) HSBC Premier Credit Card

I was offered a great introductory offer of 3000 points, which I could convert to 15,000 BA points

4) Hilton HHonors Credit Card (provided by Barclaycard)

I went through a period a few years ago of using the Hilton hotel chain a lot for work and this card gave me more points when used to book hotel stays. In fact, even though haven’t stayed in a Hilton hotel for well over 12 months, this card has become a must have. By making a purchase every 12 months, I add points to my overall HHonors balance and this ensures that my unspent points remain safe.

Which one do I actually use?

Although I have these four cards, well over 95% of my yearly credit card spend is done via my BA American Express credit card…I even do my grocery shopping with my credit card, which may look a bit odd when I’m making a £2 purchase with a credit card in Tesco!

American Express has created a really enviable reputation in the UK for their rewards and benefits programmes. In truth, I am borderline obsessed about collecting BA points and I also love the additional benefits that American Express offers. Be it the shop local scheme they participate in, early access to National Theatre tickets, or even the special cashback offers they offer me.

If you can’t tell by now…I really love my BA American Express...and I've reviewed my BA American Express card on a number of occasions. You can read these reviews here.

Unfair cashback offer?

Can a cashback offer ever really be unfair? Well maybe. Here’s something we’ve spotted with the American Express cashback offers:

While we’ve suspected for a while that not everyone might be offered every cashback offer (for example, sending me a Mothercare offer wouldn’t be much use), it’s a first for us to see different cashback amounts offered to different card holders from the same retailers. This will undoubtedly annoy some customers, and might explain why American Express was one of the top 50 most complained about companies in H1 2016.

We’ve mailed American Express and will update this post once we’ve heard back from them. In the meantime, here’s my own review: