This year we have introduced a new category for our British Bank Awards – Online Financial Influencer of the Year.

We felt it was important to recognise the great work that influencers do in educating others about managing their money and making better choices. Helping others make better choices and increasing trust and transparency within financial services is something we’re passionate about here at Smart Money People. Perhaps one of your favourites is on this list and deserves your vote, and hopefully the nominees listed will give you some inspiration to add to your feed.

Who’s nominated?

Young Money Blog. Iona is passionate about giving a voice to the financial issues facing young people and educating the younger generation with their money. Alongside her website, podcast, and regular appearances in the media, Iona has written two books on the topic of money.

Meaningful Money. A qualified financial adviser, Pete offers a wealth of resources on his blog, YouTube videos and podcast to help inform people and teach them to make the most of their money, particularly when he sets ‘home work’ for you!

Black Girl Finance UK. Created to ‘fill a gap in the personal development space within the UK for black women’, Black Girl Finance UK offers coaching to women on managing their finances, a website and podcast full of tips and insight, and they’ve even written a book on the topic.

The Savings Guru. The team at Savings Guru offers savings reviews and tips, and keeps up to date with the latest changes in the savings market with their best buy tables, to help you make informed decisions with where on where to place your savings.

Debt camel. Launched in 2013 and written by Sara, Debt Camel answers questions around the topic of debt in a clear, straight forward and easy to understand way. Sara’s knowledge and passion to help people in debt shines through in her content to make a difference.

Be Clever with your Cash. Not just a blog, but a twice weekly podcast and YouTube channel too, Andy keeps busy by sharing tips to help people manage their money to get the best value possible, from finding deals through to investing.

The Female Money Doctor. Dr Nikki’s website is packed full of useful content covering all aspects of personal finance. Alongside her website Dr Nikki has also built up a successful podcast and community to support and coach people with their finances.

The Money Whisperer. Money coach and mentor Emma’s blog provides simple, easy to understand content about how to manage your money with practical guides, alongside a focus on changing your mindset with money.

Mrs Mummy Penny. A blog and podcast dedicated to sharing all things personal finance, budgeting and money saving, Lynn also shares her weekly spending with her audience, to show the how she puts into practice her own tips.

Monevator. Focussed on investing and making your money work harder for you, the mysterious Investor and Accumulator combine their own personal experiences with useful tips and information to cover a range of different approaches to investing money.

Money for Monday. David’s blog provides tips and guides that that show you how to save and make the most of your money in a clear, jargon-free way that breaks topics down into achievable steps.

Skint DadWritten by husband and wife duo Ricky and Naomi, Skint Dad provides tips, inspiration and resources to help maximise the money you have, alongside helpful content on various personal finance topics.

Lotty earnsNot only does Lotty love to share the deals she finds that help her enjoy life without the luxury budget, she also writes regularly about issues facing personal finance in a friendly, no nonsense way.

The Humble Penny. Ken hopes his blog will help you achieve financial independence and ‘money joy’, recognising the many challenges you my face along the way. His site is full of resources and guides to help you get started.

Finance girlCovering all aspects of your personal finance needs, Julie’s blog provides helpful, easy to understand information and tips to make managing your finances that little bit easier.

Mama FurFur. Through her blog, downloadable resources, book, YouTube channel and podcast, Jennifer has created a huge bank of content covering all aspects of personal finance with the goal of helping you achieve ‘money success’.

Conversations of Money. Pete’s YouTube channel and podcast hopes to demystify the world of investing, to help anyone feel confident to have a go. He also hosts YouTube live streams twice a month to help answer your burning questions.

Financielle. With the purpose of helping people take control of their money, sisters Laura and Holly have created a blog and online community supporting people to achieve financial wellness and gain control of their finances.

Panda Boss. Anna’s twice weekly YouTube videos cover a wide range of topics across investing, budgeting, and saving, along with updates on how she’s achieving her own finance goals of building her own house.

Love someone not on the list?

There are so many people out there doing great things to educate people about money, if your favourite influencer isn’t on our list, let us know. You can vote for them using the ‘other’ option on our voting link below, just make sure to include their name and social media handle.

How you can get vote for your favourite:

Vote for your favourite influencer here

By voting you’ll be entered into our prize draw to win £1,000*. You’ll also get another entry into the prize draw if you leave a review about one of the firms nominated in the British Bank Awards.

Voting ends on the 19th April 2021 and we’ll announce the winners on 13th May 2021.

What are the British Bank Awards?

Now in their seventh year, the British Bank Awards are one of the only awards in the industry that are voted for purely by customers, rather than by a room of judges, or ‘industry experts’. We want to recognise and reward the firms out there who are doing a great job of leaving their customers happy with their financial products, and supporting our mission to increase trust and transparency in financial services. 

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