In partnership with the North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC), we’ve launched the North East’s first ever Business Banking Pulse. The North East Business Banking Pulse has been launched to find out how North East-based businesses are being served by the financial services industry, and to understand what more could be done to help the region prosper.

Who can take part?

In short, any business based in the North East with a business banking product is invited to take part.

All businesses based in the North East of England are being invited to share their experiences in order to help make the North East Business Banking Pulse a valuable and representative snapshot of the region's businesses banking experiences.

Why is it important?

Business banking and access to capital are critical items for many businesses. We’re aiming to take the pulse of 700 North East businesses across the region and across multiple industries. By using a review format, we’ve made it simpler and quicker for businesses to share their experiences with us.

NECC Head of Policy, Ross Smith said: “The North East is increasingly a centre of innovative business activity. While there is an active support network, we know that well-functioning business banking and access to wider financial services remain vital to support the region’s growth.”

When does it run?

The North East Business Banking Pulse will run from Wednesday 13th January to Friday 12th February and is open to all North East-based businesses, with summary results due to be released in late February.

What’s in it for me?

Once we have gathered all of the reviews, we will be summarising the results. Sharing your experience will help us to find out more about the region’s business banking experiences and what more could be done to support the region’s businesses. 

Leave your review and help out the region's businesses