Today we're launching the first ever Consumer Credit Awards to help consumers find the best credit providers.

About the Consumer Credit Awards

The Consumer Credit Awards have been launched to help consumers to find the best credit providers. These are the only consumer credit awards in the UK decided by YOU, not ‘industry experts’, so only YOU can decide who wins.

We're launching the Consumer Credit Awards to help find the best credit providers out there. But we need the help of customers like you to help us find them! Vote in any of the following categories, whether you've had a fantastic experience with your credit provider - or a terrible one!


Best Consumer Credit Provider

The prestigious headline award will go to the top rated provider on our site. This is the one everyone wants to win, so if you've had a good experience with your provider, leave a review and help them win.

Worst Consumer Credit Provider

Awarded to the lowest rated provider on our site. Had a bad experience with a payday lender or car finance provider? Let us know!

Customer Service Champion

Awarded to the company that receives the best rating for customer service.

Treating Customers Fairly Champion

We ask our community if they feel treated fairly by brands - this award goes to the highest rated of them all.

Best Newcomer

We're looking for the best credit provider across any of the below categories - who only launched in 2014 and later

Best Credit Card Provider

We all put purchases on a credit card at some point - but which is the best one? Whether it's cash back, long interest free periods, or just really great customer service, we want to find the credit card provider which you think is best.

Best Credit Check Provider

Whether it's a free to use like Noddle or ClearScore, or a paid subscription provider like Experian - they're useful for all of us to check our credit report - but which is best?

Best Consumer Credit Broker

If you've used a comparison site to help find credit - let us know what you thought about them - MoneySupermarket, uSwitch, 

Best Short Term Loan Provider

An extra £100 before pay day can always come in handy, and in this notorious market, we want to sort the strong performers from the not-so-great companies. Let us know your pay day loan experiences.

Best Personal Loan Provider

How have your experiences been with a loan provider?

Best P2P Lender

Awarded to the highest rated P2P lender - a new and exciting area of finance. 

Best Home Loan Provider

Used a home loan provider to make some repairs or improvements to your house? Leave a review, and let us know your experience.

Best Debt Management Provider

There are several companies who help people in debt manage their finances - let us know if they've helped you better manage your debt. 

Best Car Finance Provider

If you've bought a shiny new car recently, let us know how good (or bad!) your finance provider is.  

Best Pawnbroker

From the big names on the high street to the newer guys on the market - share your pawnbroking experiences with us.

How to vote

To vote in the awards, simply  click here and share a quick review of your most liked, or most hated provider. It's takes two minutes - easy!

WIN 5x£100 prizes

There’s also 5 x £100 prizes up for grabs. Every fortnight, we'll be picking a winner, and sending them a £100 cash prize!

Competition Terms and conditions

  • There are 5 x £100 cash prizes. Prize winners will be randomly selected on 4/5/16, 18/5/16, 1/6/16, 15/6/16, 30/6/16.
  • A valid entry is one or more reviews in any of the participating categories - i.e. those that are credit providers. Bank account and insurance reviews will not be entered into the prize draw.
  • Automated entries, duplicate entries, entries from other sites are not allowed and will be removed. 
  • Multiple entries are allowed, i.e. a consumer can write a review in multiple categories for several products.
  • Smart Money People reserve the right to amend or close the Consumer Credit Awards competition at any time.