Running a little low on cash? There’s one place that always has a bit of that… a bank. For some would be bank robbers, not much more thought is required. Why overthink it? We’ve rounded-up our favorite would be bank robber stories.

1. The Early Bird…

Chris Koch, 28, arrived at Citizens & Northern Bank in Pennsylvania on 11.40am. He sat inside his car in the bank’s car park for 20 minutes.

The problem for Chris was that the branch closed at 12.00am…sharp. Chris tried to enter the bank at 12.01pm – a minute too late.

As he approached the door, he was seen…wearing a mask, gloves and holding a gun by employees. Noting down his license plate number…the police easily tracked him down.

He was charged with criminal attempted robbery and possessing instruments of a crime.

2. Don’t Forget Your Name!

Felipe Cruz, 39, was looking for a job, but just needed a bit of cash to keep him going.

According to the FBI, he entered the Chase Bank in Florida and said to one of the cashiers ”Give me the 100s, 50s, 20s now.” He handed her a note that read. “Do not set the alarm. Hurry!!!”

As the cashier was behind bulletproof glass, all she had to do was “hurry” away from her counter and set the alarm.

Felipe bolted, but left behind the note, and helpfully his fingerprints. He had also written his note on the back of a job application form, containing his user ID and password.

FBI agent Michael Leverock said, “By trying to rob a bank with a demand note written on the back of his employment search form, the robber has given us a clue. He probably should have continued looking for honest work.” Enough said!

Disclaimer: These stories actually happened, and Smart Money People is not promoting bank robbery