Published on 13th October 2014

Customer Stat Box I: Welcome

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Hello Smart Money People

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us in our first week! It’s early days…but here is what you’ve told us so far.

A huge86% of you told us that you might (7-8), or definitely would (9-10), recommend your bank or insurance company. All in all, 24 companies were reviewed in our first week, with the 2 most reviewed being HSBC and Halifax…take a look at their stats head to head:


A little bit more? 
We asked if you felt fairly treated: 77% said yes, 6% said no, and 17% were not sure. Disagree? Only your reviews change these stats: Click here
Extra benefits: Quite a few reviews focused on extra benefits. Be it American Express offering early access to National Theatre plays or Halifax offering free travel insurance, mobile phone insurance and car breakdown cover on certain current accounts. How important are these extras for you? Do they tip the balance, or are they a vital must have?
Our favourite review summary: “Unobtrusively innovative”
Our mission: 
Our mission is to increase trust and transparency in the Financial Services industry; to help make it work better for everybody.
We know that the Stat Box can only ever be as good as your reviews, so please keep sharing your experiences and help us spread the word about Smart Money People.
Thank you.
Ps. If there’s a stat that you would like to see included, please let us know by leaving a comment below.
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