There has been one clear message since we launched Smart Money People: many customers do like their financial services providers. In fact, 85% of all customer reviews have an overall rating of between 3-5 stars.

That said, we have decided to drill down into the 15% of all reviews that have an overall rating of 1 or 2 stars. For this post, we are grouping all 1 or 2 star reviews together as providing the voice of ‘unhappy’ customers. See below for our key findings:

Customer review summary

  • Looking across three product groups (current accounts, credit cards, and business accounts) we have found that the percentage of unhappy customers ranges from 9% to 23%
  • Credit cards proved to be the best performing product, with only 9% of all credit card reviews being awarded a 1 or 2 star overall rating
  • The worst performing product was Business accounts, with 23% of all reviews being awarded a 1 or 2 star overall rating
  • Customer service / communication issues caused the most dissatisfaction

% of unhappy customers

What made these customers unhappy?

  • Customer services issues are, perhaps unsurprisingly, a top reason for unhappy customers. Included in this grouping are reviews which focused on communication issues, for example, the difficulty of engaging over Twitter
  • A close second, was convenience. Examples include the time to open a new account or difficulty in accessing account benefits such as travel insurance
  • Many reviews also pointed to product features such as high interest rates, or monthly account fees that didn’t seem to provide value for money

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About Us

The data cited in this post comes from customer reviews submitted on the Smart Money People platform 01/10/2014 – 30/01/2015. By writing a review with us, customers can help to increase trust and transparency in the Financial Services industry. You can help us by  writing your review now!