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Just what I was looking for

Great investment platform. Well automated. Low cost to serve. Perfect for me.

Reviewed on 17th February 2022
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Jin Chen

Clever, intuitive, simple investment analysis

Really easy to subscribe and nice charts / interactive displays. Helpful to measure savings and investment objectives.

Reviewed on 17th February 2022
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Reliable, easy & worthwhile

Rosecut has been extremely helpful with their excellent digital investment advice services. I have invested with Rosecut and as a customer I am very confident that my money is in safe hands. Highly recommended wealth management platform.

Reviewed on 17th February 2022
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S Antony

Very helpful advice

The financial advice from Rosecut changed my life and I was able to get very return on the investment. All of them were managed professionally. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on 17th February 2022
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Megan Blogg

Excellent customer service

Great advice and relationship management. I got quite some valuable advice on personal finance, life insurance, investment strategy, etc. Overall life-changing experience.

Reviewed on 17th February 2022
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John Smith

Great service, High Quality Professionals

Portfolio Managers and Support is 10 out of 10. App is really nice and works just when I need it.

Reviewed on 17th February 2022
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Mahmut Canga

Great company

Good investment platform generate great returns and the customer services are amazing.

Reviewed on 17th February 2022
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Jun Seki

Investment return is amazing

I have been with Rosecust since the beginning. Good ROI and customer service are excellent. what else can you ask for more?

Reviewed on 17th February 2022
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Jun Seki

great app

super easy to use with good performance

Reviewed on 16th February 2022
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Karolina Kukielka

Highly recommended

Excellent Investment insights, great service and thoughtful client service

Reviewed on 8th February 2022
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Gu langyu

Great company

Very knowledgeable team with years of experience.

Reviewed on 3rd February 2022
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Kevin Stoney

Clarity for the first time.

I started using Rosecut as a way to see all my finances in one place. It’s really helped me understand my options and take a confident step forward.

Reviewed on 3rd February 2022
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Happy to help

Always receive great service and I’m a return customer

Reviewed on 3rd February 2022
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Paul Rimmer

Great platform, helpful tools and fantastic customer service!

As a customer, I am pleased with the return on my investment portfolio and ongoing customer service I receive from a fairly new player in the market.

Reviewed on 3rd February 2022
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David Stoney

I am lucky being with Rosecut since beginning

Bespoke service with reasonable fee. Good return throughout.

Reviewed on 31st January 2022
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