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Your Personal Finance App Reviews

1,610 reviews

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Great tool

I really like Snoop and have found Chip through it. It's also saved me by reminding me of recurring annual subscriptions that I might no longer need. Love the way you can categorise your spending.

Reviewed on 27th August 2021
Wendy Quantrill's avatar
Wendy Quantrill

Fun way to view spending

Snoop is a really easy and fun way to learn where your money is going at a quick overview. They also help you with bills, letting you know when contracts are up or where there is a similar service for cheaper.

Reviewed on 9th August 2021
Ryan Charles Evans's avatar
Ryan Charles Evans

Great product & design

I always get tailored messaging from then with relevant content

Reviewed on 23rd April 2021
John Murphy's avatar
John Murphy

Amazing app

This app really helps me to manage my finances. So easy to use and I can see all of my transactions in one place!

Reviewed on 19th April 2021
Dan Clappison's avatar
Dan Clappison


Just what I need and new features being added

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
David 's avatar

Very happy with this choice, healthy decisions and more things to learn about saving, better view of your money spending too.

Overall I could not be more happier that finding and using this app, it gives me a better view of my account and teaches me how to use it to a maximum of it's benefit(sometimes even better). Try it if you're not convinced and you will see.

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Cristian Moise's avatar
Cristian Moise

Keeps you on track

Reminds you off outgoings and total due out so helps you keep ontop of bills

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Seumas Mac An Toisich's avatar
Seumas Mac An Toisich

Great to manage finances

Helps me budget and I love the personalised little tips to help me save.

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Rachael's avatar

Technically innovative yet 100% Human

The app is so clever. Must be huge complex behind the scenes, how it gathers my data and is then able to forecast my outgoings. Love how I can categorise my payments and Snoop really enables me to quickly get a handle on my outgoings.

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Jonathan edwarfs's avatar
Jonathan edwarfs

Amazing insight

Snoop gives me amazing insight into my finances and lots of tips and tricks to control my spending.

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Lm's avatar

Fantastic app

Really helpful hints and keeps me on track daily with all my accounts on one place.

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Clare Chandler's avatar
Clare Chandler

Cool application to save money

Excellent application to collate your spending habits in on convenient place

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Karl Lawrence's avatar
Karl Lawrence

Great money management help

Sooo helpful to be able to see everything in one place and have a reminder of when to look for cheaper policies. So handy

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Aimee Neollin Hall's avatar
Aimee Neollin Hall

snoop top app

Best app I have downloaded in the last 12 months. If their ever was an app you need its snoop download today for free you wished you done it sooner

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Sean Douville's avatar
Sean Douville

Your personal Money Advisor

Snoop continues to deliver helpful hints and relevant information based on my own profile. Highly recommended!

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Chris Jaggs's avatar
Chris Jaggs

Brilliant product

Snoop has enabled me to sort out my finances easily and effectively so that always know when something is coming out and to make sure dont forget

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Keith Aitchison 's avatar
Keith Aitchison

Amazing feel of personal attention to ones financial circumstances!

Snoop is amazing in the way it is constantly analyzing our household spend, and helping us with possible ways to cut this and budget better.

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Stuart Bowie's avatar
Stuart Bowie


There are a lot more pieces of info on here than I thought and it’s all consolidated into one place for most of your needs. Pleasantly surprised with it.

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Alexandra Nixon's avatar
Alexandra Nixon

Like an actual mini-finance adviser

Not much to say other than: try it!!

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Alex Blanes's avatar
Alex Blanes

Live update

It’s great to be able to see all of your info in one place up to the minute and get money saving tips at the same time

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Ashley Smith's avatar
Ashley Smith