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The Money Shop: Pawnbrokers reviews

Based on 7 reviews, last reviewed 14th Jun 2022
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also quick lending these folks saved me in a pinch Reviewed on: 14th June 2022
pedro santiago's avatar
pedro santiago

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About the Pawnbrokers

Thinking about using The Money Shop (Instant Cash Loans Ltd.) pawnbroker service? Read our reviews first to see what people are saying on the UK's #1 financial services website. Whether it's buyback rates, customer service, or anything else they liked or disliked about The Money Shop, our community leaves their reviews on Smart Money People to help you make better decisions. By using the power of your reviews, we're changing financial services for the better.

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The Money Shop Pawnbrokers reviews (7)

also quick lending

5 these folks saved me in a pinch Reviewed on: 14th June 2022
pedro santiago's avatar
pedro santiago

Explain your options in a very easy to understand way.

Very helpful staff who explain your best options Reviewed on: 10th June 2018
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Good experienceand really well look after. The price was ok compared to other companies Reviewed on: 6th June 2018
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Friendly Staff

The staff are always very helpful with good advise and pleasant to talk to Reviewed on: 28th May 2018
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