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173 reviews

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not bad

get updates every so often but not enough in detail

Reviewed on 3rd April 2022
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Clarity in every step

I have no experience in investment and I have created a junior ISA account and it is amazing how clear they are in every step. I know where the investments were made

Reviewed on 28th March 2022
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Luzia Santo

Easy and straightforward

Brilliant company and app making investment easy. Perfect.

Reviewed on 27th March 2022
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Emma Mercer

Great company. User friendly app. Easy to use for novice investors.

I like the Ethical investment options to help do my little bit for the planet. For me its important that the best investment options are selected for me as I've no idea myself and no time to start trying to understand it all myself.

Reviewed on 26th March 2022
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Signed up my niece and nephew

The service and communications from Wealthify are excellent as well as the options on their site for choosing different investment plans and holding cash if needed. Also the performance of their investments have been very good.

Reviewed on 26th March 2022
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Aaron McC


Professional, simple and clear. I have never invested before and any did so with Wealthify because of the customer friendly nature and ability to see where the investment was made.

Reviewed on 26th March 2022
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Richard Hall

Brilliant product and service

Wealthify have shown great customer service since I opened a Junior ISA with them. Their easy application process and regular updates on the product performance makes me wish I had chosen them sooner!

Reviewed on 26th March 2022
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James Joyce

Easy to transfer

Moved my child's CTF here and the process was easy

Reviewed on 26th March 2022
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Nilesh Pandya

Clear and easy to use

No issues, good comms, clear & fair

Reviewed on 26th March 2022
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Andy Catchpole

Junior isa

So easy to use, prompt attention to any queries. All information is very clear. Very happy

Reviewed on 26th March 2022
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Wealthify a great investment for the amateur

Wealthify a great investment for the amateur

Reviewed on 26th March 2022
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Easy to use processes and always kept up to date

Reviewed on 26th March 2022
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Peter Goulston

Child Isa

Very easy transfer from Child Trust Fund, reasonable charges. Too early to judge performance.

Reviewed on 26th March 2022
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Gerard Gaskin

Superb and effortless

No nonesense and always helpful

Reviewed on 26th March 2022
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highly recommended products

their products are user friendly and I have had very good results

Reviewed on 22nd March 2022
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Easy to setup and use

The value goes up and down but remember the long term view. Much easier to setup then a traditional bank account. Great Service

Reviewed on 16th February 2022
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Patrick R

JISA and Grandparents can add money too

Opened a JISA for my new baby daughter- and was delighted to discover that I can invite my parents to contribute to it too. This means less stuff and a better future for my baby.

Reviewed on 1st February 2022
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Great service

Wealthify is the perfect middle ground between putting your portfolio together yourself and just giving your money to an investment firm.

Reviewed on 30th January 2022
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Bence Solymosi

Simple for the non-savvy parent

Simple to set up, simple to use, so far seems a good investment

Reviewed on 24th January 2022
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Cam Lay-Sans

Innovative, fun, tax free, long term

This junior isa allows you to pay in small or large amounts, regularly or as a one off. It also lets other family members pay in, for example grandparents to their grandchild. The website has good graphics too.

Reviewed on 23rd January 2022
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Henry Plumptre