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Wonga Flexi Loans are an alternative to their more traditional short term loans....


Wonga Flexi Loans are an alternative to their more traditional short term loans. If you're looking to see if a Wonga Flexi Loan is right for you, read our reviews to see what people have to say about this product. or if you've already had a Wonga Flexi Loan in the past, please write your own review and help others choose whether this is the right product for them.

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Your Flexi Loan Reviews

13 reviews

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Worth a look take a loan from wings great

Reviewed on 12th May 2018
James's avatar


Very easy and simple to use and amazing affordable rates. The best!

Reviewed on 8th May 2018
Josh's avatar

Needed money quickly

When needed money the most had it in bank account within an hour

Reviewed on 30th June 2017
Alan Burren's avatar
Alan Burren


Their services are quick and easy and they always provide you with the amount you need.

Reviewed on 24th May 2017
Yaa87123@hotmail. com's avatar
Yaa87123@hotmail. com


Best company, very helpful always there and he'lp when needed

Reviewed on 23rd May 2017
Liam walsh's avatar
Liam walsh

Wonga - can't go wrong-a !

Simple and easy loan. Terms explained and no hidden costs. Affordable repayments. Would use again and recommend to others.

Reviewed on 17th May 2017
Louise Collett's avatar
Louise Collett

One of the Best on the market

A true great for short term money borrowing. Easy to know how much for how long and the cost of borrowing, pay back early and save on interest? What else could you possibly wish for.

Reviewed on 17th May 2017
John Mason's avatar
John Mason


Very difficult to secure a new loan even though previous loan was paid off with no issues.

Reviewed on 12th May 2017
Emma meehan's avatar
Emma meehan

Vicious cyxle

Vicious cycle Also once charged more than I should have been which made the cycle worse

Reviewed on 4th May 2017
Judith freitag 's avatar
Judith freitag

Very helpful team

Extremely recommended, help you in difficult times. Friendly team, explain their rates in every detail. Keep up the good work wonga you've helped me on a few difficult moments!

Reviewed on 12th April 2017
Amy Odonnell's avatar
Amy Odonnell

The best

I feel Wonga is the best loan to get they are very helpful and the money goes into your bank strait away, what more could anyone ask for when getting a loan

Reviewed on 11th April 2017
Robert Mclean's avatar
Robert Mclean

Quick and useful when you need instant cash.

A Wonga loan is reliable and fast, I find it faster than depositing money when I am at risk of going overdrawn, and much cheaper than missing a direct debit or fees for going overdrawn. Fast, reliable, flexible as you can do it anywhere.

Reviewed on 26th April 2016
Tim Bain's avatar
Tim Bain

Transparent and Flexible

I have to review one then it is Wonga, out of them all they seem to be the most transparent and easy to get hold of and communicate with if there are problems. I do like the fact there is a bonus for paying early too and some flexibility.

Reviewed on 22nd April 2016
Kerry Whincup's avatar
Kerry Whincup