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The best of the best

Sometimes, insurance can be quite confusing. Compare the market ensures the simplest yet effective way of using insurance.

Reviewed on 17th September 2020
cl00's avatar

Clear, simple website helped me find best price for my upgrade and came with cinema/food perks although covid made it useless nice incentive

Reviewed on 6th September 2020
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Helpful, Friendly Service

Found me the best possible insurance, easy to use and definitely would recommend

Reviewed on 13th July 2020
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Nicola Sims

Beyond Compare

I have used various comparison sites over the years and always return to Compare the... Read more

I have used various comparison sites over the years and always return to Compare the Market.

The company provides clear, easy to understand and prompt quotes for varying products in the domestic financial sector.

I also like their TV ads which i find always bring a bit of fun into my life.

Reviewed on 11th July 2020
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ian Murray

Best place on the internet to find the best deals in insurance

Easy to use best place to easily compare the best insurance and mortgage deals.

Reviewed on 1st July 2020
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Always a great service and feel like you get the best price

Reviewed on 9th May 2020
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Good provider

Excellent service and good rewards.

Reviewed on 27th August 2019
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Very Good Service

Really helpful staff that helped me solve my problems easily and quickly.

Reviewed on 10th August 2019
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Highly recommend

Best place to go for any insurance! Easy, straight forward and you find the best prices. An added bonus is getting to use the meerkat deals!

Reviewed on 3rd August 2019
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Kate Emily

Phenominal car insurance

Exceptional offers found using compare the market! Also gaining benefits of meerkat codes.

Reviewed on 1st August 2019
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