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94 reviews

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Great experience

easy to understand and use services

Reviewed on 4th April 2022
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Reliable and honest

Reliable and honest lender. I would recommend it to everyone.

Reviewed on 4th April 2022
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Great company

Solid and reputable. Your money is reliably put to work.

Reviewed on 28th March 2022
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Lihtne kasutada

Kindlasti parim mida tulevik voib pakkuda

Reviewed on 23rd March 2022
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What a finance platform

I was sceptical about this startup at first but took a little nibble and then also had some friends use the platform and not only is it a great place but great financing options. Nice returns and overall I am too happy with this one.

Reviewed on 22nd March 2022
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Simple interface. Great performance to date thanks to high quality projects being selected

the projects listed on the platform are of high quality, all first charge secured, short duration and decently priced. Expert team is doing th due diligence on projects resulting in decent rates for the borrowers and secured returns for the lenders.

Reviewed on 19th March 2022
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CrowdProperty Review

CrowdProperty is an excellent peer-to-peer lending platform, easy to use for property invrsting.

Reviewed on 18th March 2022
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great product, terrific service

nearly three years of dealing with this company, only good things to say, everyone benefits - lenders and borrowers, win/win all around, using tech to revolutionise property lending, long may they continue

Reviewed on 16th March 2022
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phil allan

Good P2P Property Investment Option

Crowdproperty are a good peer to peer property investment platform. They seem to do good scrutiny and transparent project information with a lot of project info. Only downside is that projects sell out in seconds

Reviewed on 14th March 2022
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Philippe Ayache

keep me constantly updated with their progress

Crowd funding has been my initial venture. I have had questions in the early stages and they responded promptly to successful solution.

Reviewed on 14th March 2022
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Superlative experience

Hyper active web based offering which covers all the UK, v efficient admin . The future promises to be v rewarding

Reviewed on 14th March 2022's avatar

Good website, easy to understand

Very nice experience investing on crowdproperty

Reviewed on 14th March 2022
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A great investment

Brilliant Company well run by real Professionals and well respected by everyone

Reviewed on 14th March 2022
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Very easy and advanced platform

Easy to upload, view investments and auto invest features

Reviewed on 14th March 2022
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Ross Davison

Pee2peer lending to the next level

Transparant capitalism for the many.

Reviewed on 14th March 2022
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Jan Maarten Fernig

Why would I put money in the bank again?

Great returns secured against property. Easy to set up and use. Access to online accounts are all good.

Reviewed on 13th March 2022
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David Ingram

Supporting an amazing company in CrowdProperty

A fantastic organisation linking property developer's with property investors. Great product, great people, great service!

Reviewed on 13th March 2022
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David Proctor

The company if fulfilling an important mission

Easy to use and interesting returns on your investments, as well as using your funds efficiently and ethically

Reviewed on 13th March 2022
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Industry finance by industry experts

Knowledge respectful attentive and good value service

Reviewed on 13th March 2022
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Ian Daniel Bell

Great platform!

Fantastic experience using CrowdProperty.

Reviewed on 13th March 2022
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Lionel Hackett