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16 reviews

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Great team - great product

Have worked with Dashly for 12 months + Fintech at its best.

Reviewed on 7th March 2022
Tim Myatt's avatar
Tim Myatt

Awesome app which has saved me a fortune!

Love, Love, love dashly, there's nothing like it in the market and it does exactly what it's supposed to do. Find and create opportunities to save real money.

Reviewed on 4th March 2022
Warren Hunter's avatar
Warren Hunter

Amazing product

Fantastic service and easy to navigate around app

Reviewed on 4th March 2022
Becca's avatar

Always on mortgage money saver!

The Dashly APP as a whole is such a great, simple way to monitor my mortgage savings without needing to worry about it! The sign up was quick and simple and within a week I was put onto a better deal thanks for the constant market checks.

Reviewed on 15th February 2022
Jono's avatar

Innovative idea

Fantastic to see someone addressing the needs of the broker and the customer rather than simply trying to focus on the end customer

Reviewed on 14th February 2022
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Phil Bourne

All-In-One Mortgage Mgr - brilliant

Just what the market needed, an application that provides an ever increasing set of useful services under 1 banner. Excited to see how it continues to develop over the coming months! Well done people :-)

Reviewed on 14th February 2022
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C Middleton

Game changer

Interesting and innovative approach to the business of mortgages.

Reviewed on 14th February 2022
Martin's avatar

Innovative service

The Dashly team has been a pleasure to work alongside. Their open-minded innovation will benefit clients and advisors alike.

Reviewed on 14th February 2022
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iain mac

Game changer

Excellent concept, freeing up advisers time in research whilst delivering great value to clients.

Reviewed on 14th February 2022
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Alun Watson

Fantastic solution- saves me lots of time

A great app that lets me know exactly where I am with my mortgage, what my house is worth and how much my mortgage payment is, plus if I can save money. No more trying to find mortgage statements or long phone calls to the building society

Reviewed on 14th February 2022
Peter Harte's avatar
Peter Harte

An excellent and innovative idea which will provide outstanding customer value.

I’m an INED at a new bank which will use Dashly to source customers.

Reviewed on 1st February 2022
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Martin Hagerty

Amazing app

nothing like it out there. saved me a tonne of money

Reviewed on 1st February 2022
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Salma Kalisvaart

Very unique

No brainer way of getting alerted when you can save money on your mortgage.

Reviewed on 20th March 2021
Ray's avatar

The only true mortgage auto-switching platform

Future of mortgages.takes away the pain from having a mortgage

Reviewed on 12th March 2021
Stepan's avatar

My only complaint is that Dashly wasn't invented sooner

The mortgage app consumers have sorely needed perhaps even without knowing it

Reviewed on 23rd February 2021
Ben's avatar

Do nothing for collect saving

Dashly is a very powerful web app. I totally love it how is every day searching best mortgages across the whole market.

Reviewed on 17th February 2021
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Vladan Rysavy