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Homelyfe: Home Buyers Insurance reviews

Based on 17 reviews, last reviewed 15th Aug 2018
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Simplest insurance out there No hidden extras and very simple to use app! Reviewed on: 15th August 2018
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About the Home Buyers Insurance

Homelyfe home buyers insurance reviews can help you better understand whether the product provides sufficient cover for your needs. Have you been ‘gazumped’ to the property of your dreams? Have you forked out thousands in fees only to lose out on a property in the last moments? Well, Homelyfe home buyers insurance reviews can show you whether Homelyfe will provide you with sufficient cover, should the worst happen when buying your dream home. If you are unfortunate enough to have missed out on your dream home but was covered by Homelyfe’s home buyers insurance, please leave a review telling us the realities of this product and whether the claims system was seamless.

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Homelyfe Home Buyers Insurance reviews (17)

Simplest insurance out there

No hidden extras and very simple to use app! Reviewed on: 15th August 2018
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Great app!

Manage my policies in the app, which is simple and really user friendly. Highly recommend! Reviewed on: 30th July 2018
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Gareth T

Simple, fast and well-explained

Managed to take out a policy in minutes, with everything explained with the average joe in mind. Couldn't have been simpler! Reviewed on: 11th July 2018
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Jonathan Copperstone

User friendly

I generally struggle setting things up online but this was super efficient and simple. Dreamy! Reviewed on: 3rd July 2018
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