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Great service from Invest & Fund I completed my first development deal with I & F today and I wanted to give you some feedback. The process has been excellently managed by Gary Tr... Read more Reviewed on: 26th June 2018
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Invest & Fund Borrowers reviews (3)

Great service from Invest & Fund

I completed my first development deal with I & F today and I wanted to give you some feedback. The process has been excellently managed by Gary Trueman and Paul King throughout. They have been professional, prompt with actions and responses, and taken a positive approach and assessment of all aspects of the proposal. I could not have asked for more. I know I have been critical in the past, but this was an excellent experience which I have reported back to the rest of my colleagues. I am currently discussing a further case with Colin Ness which I hope we can progress. It was good doing business with you. Kevin Snell - Broker Reviewed on: 26th June 2018
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Borrowing Review

Very good. Clear requirements and regular contact enabled loan to be delivered to a very tight deadline. Specification of requirements was clear and received quick responses to confirm requirements satisfied or explanation as appropriate. Pragmatic approach to "hold my hand" through the process. Would use again depending on costs Reviewed on: 7th November 2016

swift and effective process with good outcome

Last year my business needed a new server installed. Although we did have the funds I did not want to use what is precious cash flow in our quiet period and wanted to spread the cost over 3 years. As a micro business, securing a small loan from the bank meant jumping through hoops and being faced with an outrageous interest rate. My accountant suggested I look into peer to peer lending with Invest and Fund. I found the team there extremely helpful and approachable, the process relatively smooth and most importantly quick. I put together my needs and the business background. I was asked some salient questions by potential lenders which I could answer quickly and easily. My requirements went to an auction, actually quite an exciting process as you see interest in your business grow and interest rates reduce. We received the funding quickly and could go ahead with the purchase. I really can highly recommend Invest and Fund and peer to peer lending as a pragmatic and cost effective alternative to the banks reluctance to lend and expensive costs for small businesses. Reviewed on: 18th March 2015
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