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Great investment platform Invest and fund offers investors credible and easy to manage investment opportunities. Compare this with rates available in more mainstream investment... Read more Reviewed on: 12th July 2017

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Nice site, but not a lot going on. No cryptocurrency allowed. Invest&Fund is a very basic investing site with few options and little traffic. With few loans open for investing (zero at the time of posting) and ve... Read more Reviewed on: 15th April 2016
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Invest & Fund Lenders reviews (14)

Great investment platform

Invest and fund offers investors credible and easy to manage investment opportunities. Compare this with rates available in more mainstream investments and I&F wins hands down Reviewed on: 12th July 2017

Great interest rates from a clear and comprehensive platform

The website is well laid out. There is lots of information given for each loan to enable an informed decision. The rates are competitive and there is the ability to trade on the secondary market. A welcome addition to an investment portfolio. Reviewed on: 6th March 2017

Growing nicely

It's been great to watch this company grow. Deal volume is still low but that might be because they are properly vetting the deals that go live, so no bad thing in my book. I use a few other sites too, and have found Invest & Fund's responsiveness to be high as is the feeling of it being a well managed company. Reviewed on: 19th July 2016
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Great platform!!

Great form again... I cannot fault this companies direction in the world of P2P finance. Reviewed on: 13th May 2016
Reply from Invest & Fund Hi Dominic, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a positive review. We are pleased you are satisfied with our product. If you would like to advise us on how we could improve to a 5-star rating, then please do let us know. Kind regards, Invest & Fund Response date: 13th May 2016
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