Who drives safer: men or women? Women of course, as statistically women make fewer car insurance claims than men. For example, 68% of all young driver serious accidents involve men, Department of Transport). But when it comes to who actually drives better…we’ll have to leave that one for the Top Gear crowd!

Before 21st December 2012, car insurance for women cost a lot less than for men. Then the EU’s Gender Directive came along and changed this. The EU’s Gender Directive meant that insurers could no longer price premiums based on gender differences. This meant that car insurers could no longer offer cheaper car insurance to female drivers based on their gender.

However, the Gender Directive does not forbid insurance companies from using gender for marketing or advertising, and a number of insurance companies continue to specialise in providing female car insurance. In this article we take a look at five leading car insurance companies who target women first. What makes them different, and what do their car insurance reviews tell us about them?

Go Girl

Go Girl is a trading name of Sabre, a British Car Insurance company that was founded in 1982. Their comprehensive policies include a number of features such as free courtesy car, £200 handbag cover and Go Girl will also cover travel abroad in the EU (up to 13 weeks free of charge if you notify them of your travel plans), useful if you intend on going on that summer road trip!

What is it like being a Go Girl customer? Smart Money People reviewer Mel was happy:

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Diamond Insurance is one of the oldest female-focused insurance companies in the UK, having been established in 1997. Diamond's car insurance comes with female-friendly benefits such as handbag and contents cover up to £300, and also includes child seat cover of £300 that can protect children's accessories, buggies and child car seats.

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Sheila’s Wheels

Sheila’s Wheels launched in October 2005 and is owned by FTSE 250 listed insurance company esure. You probably know them for having come up with what must be one of the catchiest car insurance television jingles ever! Like Go Girl they have a ‘personal belongings’ limit of up to £200 – for handbags stolen from the car.

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Drive Like a Girl

Drive Like a Girl is owned by Insure the Box and focuses on using telematics “to give girls – and boys – who ‘drive like a girl’ the fair price they deserve.” Telematics (a small box that records how well you drive) has become a popular way for young drivers in particular to get cheaper car insurance.

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Girls Drive Better

Girls Drive Better also provide female-focused telematics car insurance with the familiar female-friendly benefit of handbag and contents cover up to £300.

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