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Competitive pricing and simple but effective service It is fair to say that as a male, Shelias Wheels was not really on my radar for car insurance. However, their pricing and product compared very favora... Read more Reviewed on: 24th August 2023

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Don't use this insurer Don't have a hidden auto renew when taking out this insurance! They took money from my bank a second year, I thought I had cancelled by email, not rea... Read more Reviewed on: 6th September 2023

About the Car Insurance

Sheilas’ Wheels is part of the Esure brand, founded in 2005 to provide car insurance policies suited to women's needs, although the brand now provides insurance for both men and women. Find out what genuine customers have to say about the company by reading the Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance reviews on Smart Money People.

Alongside the usual benefits you’d expect from a car insurance policy, Sheilas’ Wheels offers handbag cover up to £200 within its comprehensive cover policy. Check out our Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance reviews to see if any existing customers have made a claim on this cover and how satisfied they were with the outcome. Perhaps you need an insurance policy that covers you to drive another vehicle? Or maybe your top priority is legal protection? Whatever your needs, see how genuine customers rate Sheilas’ Wheels.

Have you ever taken out a policy with Sheilas’ Wheels? We want to hear all of the pros and cons you may have experienced throughout your policy. Did you find the sign-up process simple, or perhaps, more complicated than you’d anticipated? Have you had to make a claim, and if so, were you satisfied with how this was handled? Did you make use Sheilas’ Wheels’ counselling service after an accident? Leave an honest Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance review on Smart Money People today. Together, we can increase trust and transparency in financial services.

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Sheilas Wheels Car Insurance reviews (157)

Don't use this insurer

Don't have a hidden auto renew when taking out this insurance! They took money from my bank a second year, I thought I had cancelled by email, not realising the emails sent to me were a no return adress. By the time I noticed the money had been stolen from my account, the 14 day cooling off period had passed by 1 day, so I was charged a cancellation fee! So not only had they sat on my money and worked it within there company for 2 weeks, they also charged me for the pleasure! I advise anyone not to use this thieving company! Reviewed on: 6th September 2023

Absolute scum bags.

Avoid like the plague. This company are cheats and thieves. Make sure to get everything written down, as they will just deny. My vehicle was stolen 6 months ago. I informed them, I made the claim through them. I was told the policy was cancelled. I went through my accounts, and have seen they have been taking money out for the last 5 months, amounting to over £500, when they were fully aware of the situation. Now they are saying they won't refund the 5-6 months that they have charged me for, when I didn't even have a truck. What sort of service is that? That's just theft plain and simple. Not only has my vehicle been stolen, but Sheilas wheels have stolen a further £500 from me. I am in the process of taking them to court. I am astonished they even think that its acceptable to have over charged me like this and not refund it when they are made aware. Reviewed on: 1st September 2023
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Vile company

Pointless trying to speak to someone you hold for 4 hours and they cut you off. Incompetent staff havent a clue what they are doing. Stay well away from these scammers and get insured with a proper company Reviewed on: 30th August 2023
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CH Awais

Horrible experience

Absolutely horrible experience with them. Multiple failures in handling our claim, took over 2 months just to figure out if its repairable or a total loss... have spent over 40 minutes on several phone calls on hold just to try to speak to someone. When I did speak to someone, they were totally useless and promised call backs which never happened. My complaints were ignored, and then the complaints about the complaints were also ignored. Avoid this company, they may be the cheapest, but if you have an accident, you'll wish you had paid more for another company Reviewed on: 24th August 2023
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